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2 x personal EMS sessions with one of our trainers each week which are tailored to your specific goals and exercise preferences. Each session is 20 mins of exercise and spaced 3 or more days apart.  You can also choose to do these sessions with a friend or family member if you want a bit of extra motivation. Our trainers have some fun and diverse exercises to do with partners.

Our body composition scanner (The Sozo, by Impedimed device) is the most accurate body composition scanner in Australia. By conducting scans at the commencement and every 4 weeks we can set specific goals and track your results.

The results are also a fantastic tool for checking in on your overall body health and giving our trainers the ability to provide advice on areas of health you can improve on. ​

At each session our clients wear an undergarment (tight activewear) underneath our EMS suits which enchance stimulation and allow for the optimum contact. Normally sold for $99, or rented at each session. Provided in your size upfront with the package. 

Payment of Week 1 is required upfront to lock in the offer price. Pricing is then set up as a weekly direct debit from the date of your first visit.

More Info...

Exolt EMS is a progressive and time-effective training studio in the heart of the inner west. 

We run all our sessions with electric muscle stimulation (EMS) suits that send electrical signals directly to your muscles leading to a much more effective workout. With EMS you can switch your muscles on quickly and at a much deeper level than standard training. 

To see more about how EMS works click here. 

Some of the amazing advantages EMS has over traditional exercise:

  • Time Effective – 20 minutes of EMS is equivalent to 2-3 hours of traditional gym training. As your using more of your muscles you fatigue quicker with EMS, so sessions are no more than 20 minutes long. Great for those looking for a quick workout option. 
  • Metabolic Enhancing – EMS sessions raise your basal metabolic rate for more than 72 hours after each session, increasing caloric expenditure by up to 3,500 calories each session.
  • Truly for everyone – EMS training is a training regime for anyone and everyone. With no strain on joints (as oppose to weight training) it is great for people who have joint injuries or experience joint pain. With control of each muscle group we can focus on toning for specific clients needs. With direct access to the neural pathways that activate our muscles we can train and improve the symptoms of clients with neurological disorders. We have a highly diverse range of clients from elite athletes and weightlifters to busy mums, the elderly, and even clients looking to manage symptoms of Parkinsons and stroke recovery. 
Curious about EMS and want to know more about how it feels and what a session involves? Explore our FAQ here
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*study conducted by ems training united kingdom, EMS survey 2017, published 14/2/2018

Nicole Williams
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This is really the most different way to do exercise! 20 minutes of squats and lunges feels like about 2-3 hours of really hard work. Trainers are helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend Exolt EMS!
David Parra
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Everything about this experience is amazing. easy location, fantastic staff and beautiful studio. I have finished the intro sessions of 20 minutes each and the results are fantastic. At first I was a bit doubtful about this process but now I'm sold and want to continue on the full program. Can't recommend it highly enough, especially for people who have limited time to go to a normal gym.
Ella Milner
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100% would recommend! In 12 weeks of 2 sessions per week of EMS, no extra exercise, I got the body I wanted for my wedding. It is the hardest, most rewarding exercise I have ever done. Post pregnancy I have returned to Exolt and can see such big results in only 6 weeks. Could not be happier!