What is EMS?

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is a training tool in which an electrical signal is sent directly to your muscles, activating them on command. 

It works the same way your brain does to activate muscles, only with EMS you can reach more muscle fibers resulting in a faster and more effective workout. 

During an EMS session, clients wear an ‘undergarment’ (tight activewear that is used only once) and a suit is then placed on top of this with pads that send the signals to your muscles. The electrical stimulation is triggered by the presence of water on the electrical pads. At Exolt the suits are made from woven plastic making them easy to clean between every client. From a hygiene and COVID-19 perspective, the process is safe and clean – more so than a regular gym with far less turnover in clients and far less equipment sharing. 

What are some of the benefits?


EMS sessions are only 20 minutes and you only attend 1-2 per week. After that you are done with your strength training for the week.

Safe on joints

Your joints are with you for life so should always be protected. Unlike lifting weights, high Intensity crossfit or F45 style training, EMS puts no strain on the joints. You do not need to lift heavy weights, do repetition after repetition or jump up and down on any boxes!


In 20 minutes you can activate a far higher number of muscle fibers than you can with regular training techniques. It's like doing 3 hours work in only 20 minutes

Increases Metabolic Rate

By activating more muscle fibers, and in particular the fast-twitch fibers, EMS training results in a far higher increase in metabolic rate during and immediately following a session when compared with traditional interval style training. As a result, 20 minutes of EMS burns significantly more calories than 20 minutes of traditional exercise.

Cutting Edge

EMS is cutting edge technology. It can be used by anyone and everyone! From the fittest athlete right through to the immobile. and what makes it even better is that we are #not_a_gym


EMS training is great fun! At Exolt we change it up using different types of exercises, different music mixes, and we gamify some sessions with Maxforce technology. EMS also feels great. You really feel like you have done so much after 20 minutes and it flys by so quickly you don't want it to stop.

Try it out for yourself with our INTRO PACK

Our introductory pack is perfect for anyone to give EMS a go. You will get to see how EMS works, feel what it is like and have any questions answered by our skilled trainers. The pack includes:

  • 1 x Intro to EMS session (do a full 20 minute workout in our EMS suits, whilst learning about EMS and being shown how it works)
  • 3 x EMS training session of your choice (personal or small group)
  • 1 x Medical grade body composition scan. See muscle mass, fat mass, hydration levels, BMI and much more to give you a great insight into your health. 
Maria CesterOct 2020
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The most amazing experience. Great staff and beautiful studio. Sara an Gus are knowledgeable they always push me to do my best. I used to hate exercising and going to the gym but with Sara and Gus I always have fun! The studio is clean and welcoming such a nice place to be. At first I was a bit doubtful about but now I'm sold and want to continue on. Can't recommend it highly enough, especially for people who have limited time to go to a normal gym.
Sarah GraceAug 2020
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Such a great experience. I absolutely love EMS. It is my favourite workout by far. I have noticed a real difference in my body; especially my abs and core strength. Both Gus and Sara are great. I always have fun with them. The studio is clean and minimalistic- such nice décor. I am always telling people to try this. It's so intense, but so much fun too.
Lauren O'NeillSep 2020
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Have been doing 2 workouts per week and have had amazing results post pregnancy. My stomach is back to being pretty much flat again which I didn’t think was going to be possible, in fact I’m in better shape than I was before I got pregnant. The team even look after my little boy when I work out which is a huge bonus. Thanks guys, you make exercising fun and easy!!!

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