13 Weeks / 20-Minute Workouts / Real Results

Your total body and mind transformation program

Join us for your 2023 transformation journey

Are you ready to get in shape and set your mind and body up for a kickass 2023! Come and join our community and transform with us.

Transform Your Body

Project 13 focuses on body re-composition – reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. 

20-Minute EMS Workouts

Using our Wireless EMS (electric muscle stimulation) technology you can obtain results with 2 x 20-minute EMS workouts a week.

Daily Personal Support

Our expert team will keep you accountable, keep you focused and support you every step of the way. 

What's included:

Get Started With 1-Week FREE

Sign up for our January 2023 intake and get 1 WEEK FREE. Learn about EMS training and how the program works, complete 2 training sessions and meet our team before signing on to the program. 

  • 2 x FREE 20-minute EMS workouts
  • 1 x FREE Body composition scan
  • Program Guide and Walkthrough
  • FREE EMS Undergarment Hire

Is this program right for you?

Project 13 is designed to GET RESULTS! Our team dedicates over 46 hours of their time and expertise to every single client who goes through the program. 

During the registration process we will ask a series of questions to qualify you for the program. If you can answer Yes to the below questions then this is the right program for you:

  • Are you ready and able to commit to 2 x 20 minute face to face training sessions at our studio for 13 weeks straight?  
  • Can you think of at least 3 specific changes you want to see or feel in your body? and do you know WHY you want to see/feel those changes?
  • Are you open and willing to make changes to your health & nutrition habits? 

If you answered YES to all of the above then our team and our program would be a great fit for you to see results in 13 weeks. 

Want to learn more about what EMS training is?

Check out our video below or the ‘What is EMS?’ page of our website here

Don't spend hours in the gym to build muscle and strength
In project 13 you only need to do 2 x 20 minute in studio EMS workouts per week. No intense weights training, no need to train everyday and no high impact exercises.
Get Into The Detail
Our program screening and building is highly personal. Any transformation MUST take into consideration all aspects of health that contribute to weight gain/loss of strength/mental wellbeing/body tone/etc. We explore everything and personalise the program based on the details we learn - sleep, physical health, mental health, work-life, home life, nutrition knowledge, age, gender, the list goes on...

Our Expert Team



With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry and one of a small handful of European EMS certified trainers in Australia, Sigrid brings her background in elite gymnastics training and coaching along with her education and experience in organisational psychology to our programs. 


Senior Trainer

Sara has been working as a sport/fitness coach and personal trainer for over 8 years. After graduating with masters from her exercise science degree she went on to specialise in exercise for prevention and rehabilitation. Sara moved from Italy to Australia 3 years ago and commenced working with EMS technology.


Senior Trainer

Sam graduated from RMIT university in 2015 with a degree in Osteopathy. He worked as an Osteopath in private practice for 5 years in Melbourne prior to relocating to Adelaide for 2 years to play baseball professionally. Now he combines his education, professional sports background and allied health experience to help build and deliver the 12/20 program


EMS Trainer

Helia graduated in Turkey with a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy. She joined the fitness industry 5 years ago working as a trainer in the her universities sport center. Helia decided to combine her educational background with her fitness passion and has been working as a sport pharmacist researcher since 2019. 


EMS Trainer

Coming Soon


EMS Trainer

Coming Soon


Community Manager

With her ‘get it done’ attitude bec keeps everyone and everything running smoothly. You will not be able to hide from bec.. If you miss a session, forget to complete a component of the program or take a break Bec will be on top of it! Keeping you on track and consistent. 


Team Leader

Remi is the glue that holds our expert team together. She keeps the team well cuddled, greets clients when they visit and swiftly removes any items that we accidentally drop on the floor. 

Hear From Other Exolters

Crista D
Read More
"It is fantastic!! All staff are super nice and take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at. I really like how they give me tips and tricks to get the most out especially in every session and nutrition. I’ve been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. The 20 min session goes super fast and you really enjoy doing it. Only 20 mins but feels like doing exercise for hours. It is really recommended for a busy person like me. Everyday is a different training, so it is never boring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend EXOLT to anyone. I am certainly satisfied thus far and have been blown away by my experience."
Jennifer S
Read More
“The trainers at Exolt are friendly, knowledgeable and make each session fun. I love working out at Exolt, the sessions are intense but so effective and easy to work around my schedule."
Kathy N
Neutral Bay
Read More
“I love training with the team and the results I have been getting in such a short amount of time"

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that things come up and you may need to pause at times. However, the program works best when you can be consistent and keep momentum going. For this reason the program allows for a maximum of 1 weeks suspension during the whole program.  

In the event you have booked a holiday that falls during the program we will work together to plan how you can keep progress whilst away, but still enjoy your trip. The in person sessions that are missed during the holiday will be made up in the week prior and following the holiday. If the holiday is longer than 7 we recommend delaying the program to start when you can commit to the 12 weeks. 

EMS training is highly specialised and is different to any traditional exercise you have likely done in the past. For this reason week 1 is an Introduction to EMS training and our program allows for fee-free cancellation during the first 7 days. 

EMS training is specialised and has a lot of unique differences to traditional training. We can activate and work muscles with little to no impact on the joints and have worked with hundreds of clients to help recover and manage injuries, neurological disorders, surgeries and other chronic conditions. The best thing to do in this case is to book a call with our team and we can discuss if the program is the right fit for you. You can book a call here.

Because EMS training requires a lot of energy from your muscles the program is designed to maximise energy available on your EMS training days and then use the off days to do light activities. If you do other training such as gym sessions, pilates classes, running etc. then we would need to input these into the program and build around them so you can keep up with both effectively. 

If you haven’t heard about or tried EMS training before then head over to our website and check out our EMS FAQ page – FAQ

You can see the pricing for the program below. Our team dedicate over 46 hours of their time to every single client on the program inclusive of time spent with you and time spent personalising the program to your needs. 

The program can be paid for weekly, monthly or upfront (upfront payments will receive a 5% discount). 

In addition to the program all clients must wear their own undergarments underneath our EMS suits. These will be provided free of charge for week 1, then must be purchased for $79.

The program costs at full rate are $179 per week. During January and February 2023 in the new launch phase of the program clients can gain full access to the program for $139 per week.

With the program being highly personalised and our team spending a large amount of time analysing and building each clients program there are no further discounts available. 

Check out Exolt’s other training packages here. 

Our whole team run the program together across our 2 locations so we all know every clients status, progress, obstacles etc. 

You will have 1 trainer dedicated to setting up your program and tracking. Then you will do your training sessions with different trainers based on schedules. 

You will hear a lot from Rebecca and Sigrid when it comes to day to day support throughout the week. 

In our team we all have different strengths and so we find the best approach is to collaborate and use these when delivering each aspect of the program. 

Transform your body, energy and mind in 13 weeks



  • 26 x Specialised EMS workouts
  • 1 x 45 Minute Set Up Session
  • Fortnightly Accountability Check Ins
  • Weekly personalised fitness tasks
  • 5 x Body composition scans
  • Nutrition Package - inc. Guide, macro plan, meal plans & tracking
  • Habit transformation pack - Habit guide, habit setting and tracking
  • Coach support 7 days per week
  • Once Off EMS undergarment purchase to be completed week 2 - $79

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