What is EMS?

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) uses electric impulses to elicit muscle contractions. It can be used in conjunction with physical activity to safely enhance outcomes.

What is EMS
(Electrical Muscle Stimulation)?

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) is a power driven medical grade training system which targets specific muscle groups by safely activating nerves and muscle fibres causing your muscles to contract on command.

Delivered through electro pads the trainer can directly stimulate muscle activity for a more effective, targeted sessions. When used in conjunction with medical grade scanning and low impact clinical exercise EMS has the power to enhance outcomes:

During injury recovery it is not uncommon for clients to be unable to exercise at all for long periods of time due to the risk of further injury. Using EMS technology Exolt can get your muscles safely activating with no strain on joints or bones almost immediately post injury in a safe and controlled environment. 

There is strong evidence that electrical stimulation is beneficial for the strengthening of muscles, maintenance of muscle bulk and functional retraining of muscles. All elements of recovery and rehabilitation which contribute to faster and longer term effectiveness. 

In particular EMS is suggested to assist with maintaining joint range of motion following orthopaedic procedures by way of increasing blood circulation, reducing pain and improving sensory recovery. 

Our medical grade EMS system enables us to choose the optimum stimulation settings and target them to specific muscle groups to safely increase blood circulation and strengthen the connective tissues in the muscles. 

By combining stimulations with gentle movements blood circulation is improved and muscle strength is increased helping to offer better support and stronger core muscles to better manage the pain which comes with many musculoskeletal disorders. 

EMS exercise can help people manage:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Lower Back & Pelvic Pain
  • Hip and Knee Pain
  • Postural Problems
  • Chronic Pain
  • Improve Core strength

EMS sessions combined with exercise is a proven tool for helping to improve cardiovascular fitness, decrease body fat and improve muscle mass. 

For the many people out there who struggle to maintain a healthy weight EMS works to support and enhance your body’s natural activities in your weight loss journey.

By raising basal metabolic rate for more than 72 hours after a session, caloric expenditure is increased by up to 3,500 calories each session. The stimulations enhance the circulation of blood through the body supporting better movement of oxygen through the muscles and the forced muscles contractions result in quick increases in muscles mass which are far more difficult to achieve without the help of EMS. 

EMS sessions directly target the neurological pathways that connect our brain to our muscles. By directly messaging the muscles EMS sessions fire the neurological pathways and reconnect the brain to the muscles. We have seen lots of success in Parkinson’s patients in decreasing symptoms of the disorder through EMS sessions. 

EMS has been effective as a tool in symptom reductions for patients recovering from stroke  and spinal cord injury, or in managing symptoms of cerebral palsey and parkinsons disease 

By stimulating more than 300 muscles simultaneously at the same time activating 100% of the muscle fibres we improve muscle tone, strength, speed, endurance and maximum V02. Consequently, increasing the performance of any sports discipline and visibly toning the muscles.

MyoFX EMS tenses the connective tissue, improving the general appearance of the skin and significantly reducing cellulite. By increasing muscle tone, raising the metabolism, improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage, we can achieve visible and lasting results in just 5 weeks.

How Does Electric Muscle Stimulation Work?

The best way to explain how Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) works is to first explain how our muscles work:

Our muscles move on commands sent from the brain. Single nerve cells (called motor neurons/nerves) in your spinal cord are the brains connection to the muscles. By the way of electrical signals the brain sends messages through the spinal cord to your motor neurons and those motor neurons then fire up the muscle (by way of an action/movement or inaction – such as when you may be trying to balance or hold a weight in one position). So in short it is an electrical signal from your brain that makes your muscles work.

So how does EMS work?

Think of our EMS suit as your new brain! EMS works by sending an electrical signal to your motor neurons and exciting (switching on) your muscle in the same way your brain does. 

For everyone this means bypassing the brain (which has a lot of jobs to do and bodily functions to run) and telling exactly which muscle to switch on and how long to switch it on for. EMS can facilitate a deeper muscle contraction, reaching layers of the muscle that majority of people cannot reach themselves. 

For people who have experienced symptoms of neurological disorders such as stroke and parkinsons many symptoms come from a breakdown in the body’s ability to efficiently send the electrical messages from the brain to the muscles. With limited muscle activity our muscles experience what is known as atrophy (the wasting or degeneration of muscles due to inactivity) and it is this atrophy that is associated with decreased quality of life and morbidity. 

EMS works by exciting those electrical pathways again without the brains help and as a result the muscles experience full contractions and can be both maintained and strengthened. 

At Exolt we use electrical currents that mimic those of the brain so these are both low and safe. We also teach our clients to activate the brain to muscle pathway so that the ems activation strengthens the pathway and the brain and muscle learn how to work together at their optimum levels.  

We love all things EMS as Exolt and if you want any more information about the science behind EMS and its many applications please get in touch with us. Contact us

Why EMS Training?

There are many benefits to electrical muscle stimulation training with Exolt


Perfect for time-poor individuals, our 20-minute workouts, performed once or twice per week, enable you to spend less time at the gym while achieving impressive results.


At Exolt our EMS system is scientifically researched to provide the best level of stimulation for the right amount of time. Controlled by a trainer the electrical pulses painlessly stimulate muscle contractions by mimicking the natural electrical activity of the body.


EMS uses electric impulses to elicit muscle contractions which, when used in conjunction with physical activity, enhances muscular adaptations and strength gains.


EMS training sessions are highly effective. In just 20 minutes you can replicate the effects of considerably longer and more demanding training sessions.


Unlike traditional EMS Exolt brings a variety of choice to their clients. Take on traditional classes like pilates, boxing and HIIT and add the magic ingredient of EMS.


Work closely with a trainer who will tailor a program to your specific needs and training goals. Ideal for those new to EMS, as well as those focusing on specific goals or recovering from injury.

Tried and tested technology

Tried and tested technology

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is ‘Is EMS safe?’. The answer is yes – if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t use it! Safety is our priority at all times, regardless of training modality.

Used by sports and physio professionals for many years, EMS is completely safe. The pulses gently and painlessly buzz against the muscles, stimulating muscle contractions by mimicking the natural electrical activity that the body produces during movement.

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