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We deliver progressive, time-effective EMS fitness training.

Exolt Fitness Studio

Exolt EMS is a progressive, technology backed training destination at the forefront of electro-fitness training in Australia.

EMS has long been recognised for its benefits with elite sports stars and in treatment settings around the world. At Exolt we combine this proven technology with the traditional training methods that everyone loves and uses today.

Our founders have explored EMS systems around the world and the ways in which they are being used to provide guaranteed results to clients. At Exolt we have taken the time to do the research and we know EMS works for a huge array of clients. From those looking to lose weight, tone up or maintain general fitness to those who are looking for exercise that can help with faster injury recovery, reduction in symptoms of neurological disorders, rehabilitating from stroke or improved joint pain. 

At Exolt we cater to different clients with both individual and group sessions. Group fitness is booming in Australia and brings with it some huge benefits such as increased commitment, mental health advantages and more diversification. By combining group fitness with EMS, Exolt brings the additional benefits of reduced training times and increased training results.

The efficient nature of the training at Exolt means that members need only train once or twice a week for 20 minutes, making it ideal for the time-poor. This in no way compromises the strong sense of community, however, with those who make Exolt part of their lifestyle relishing the experiences they share with fellow members.

In addition to training sessions, clients receive nutritional advice, healthy lifestyle guidance and access to exclusive educational events that empower them with the know-how to enhance their wellbeing and happiness.


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