EMS is an innovative new style of training for most people, so we get asked a lot of questions about it! Here are some answers to questions you may be contemplating.

Is EMS safe? Is it effective? And can I even do it?

If you’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers!

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) uses electrical impulses to increase muscle activation with no additional exertion from the user. The use of these electrical impulses on the muscles tricks the body into thinking it is working harder than it actually is.

The stimulations activate the fast twitch muscles in your body (ones which are normally only activated after long and intense conventional training) helping to speed up metabolism and target fat burning. When used in conjunction with physical exercise you get double the results in half the time with a 20-minute exercise being equivalent to 3 to 4 hours in the gym.

Previously only used by athletes, EMS technology is now accessible to the wider population. At Exolt, we welcome members of all ages and backgrounds and tailor workouts to suit individual needs and requirements. It is very popular with time-poor people who still want to achieve the results of a good exercise regime.

Yes – If it wasn’t we wouldn’t use it! Research has shown that EMS training is safe when applied in a knowledgeable and safe environment. At Exolt our EMS suits are set to various frequency levels based on the type of session and varying stimulus durations for safe and effective training.

We also apply our own extra safety precautions, so all clients feel confident and educated about EMS. 

  • Safe training must always be accompanied by an EMS trainer
  • Before the first session we request the user to provide us health information to determine any health concerns with training.
  • We keep the stimulations low on your first session so your body has time to get used to the stimulations.
  • Clients can only attend sessions 3 to 4 days apart to allow for muscle recovery time.


The system uses low impulse currents which is intense, but does not hurt. The pulses gently and painlessly buzz against the muscles, stimulating contractions by mimicking the natural electrical activity that the body produces during movement.

The stimulations make basic movements such as a squat feel significantly more intense and you quickly get use to the feeling of activation and learn how to exercise with it.

The short answer…. ABSOLUTELY!

During traditional exercise you will normally activate 20-30% of the muscle/s you are targeting (50-60% if you are an elite athlete). When you learn to work under tension in EMS you are able to reach 100% muscle activation. And if you are not yet working under tension then the EMS suit will still be activating your muscles for you at 80-90%.

With your muscles working at 2 to 3 times their normal activation levels 20 minutes is more than enough time for a single session.

EMS training sessions are short, but they are also intense! After you leave a 20 minute session your body is still reaping the rewards. Research has shown that after training with electrical stimulation a persons basal metabolic rate is increased for next 3 days. Meaning your body is burning a higher level of calories than it normally would throughout the day.

In conventional exercise muscles need 24-48 hours to repair and rebuild.  Working again too quickly leads to breakdown of muscle tissue instead of the building that we want. With EMS activating your muscles at a much higher level it is within your best interest to let them repair and rebuild for 3-4 days before attending your next session.

During your intro session you will spend personal time with an EMS trainer where we will confirm any health concerns so we can adjust training to your needs.

We will then show you how to put the EMS suit on, talking you through the suit and how it works. You will be shown the system so you understand the stimulation count downs and explain how you can help your body to get the most out of EMS training.

You will then do a 15 minute session going through a warm up, some simple isometric movements and a cool down. We guarantee 15 minutes will be enough!

Everything we have done in the intro session will help our trainer to set your training levels so when you come in for your 1st full session we are ready to go with your intensity level pre-set.

We have a range of pricing options to suit your needs from drop in/casual rates to ongoing memberships. Our intro offers are designed to give you enough time to learn about EMS, set your intensity levels and trial different class styles to see what you like.

Our studio’s offer you more than just EMS classes, with regular workshops, stretch classes, walking club and health and fitness education for all our members.

Exolt EMS does not require you to bring much to your session at all. 

In a training session you will wear an undergarment (compression activewear) which we provide to you for your first couple of sessions. After this you can purchase your own for $99 or continue to rent for $4 per session. 

Other than the undergarment all you need is your joggers! 

We recommend drinking plenty of water and having a nutritional meal before any training session. 

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