We deliver progressive, time-effective EMS sessions.

Exolt EMS Clinic

Exolt EMS is a progressive, technology backed clinic at the forefront of electro stimulation training  in Australia.

EMS has long been recognised for its benefits in treatment settings and with elite sports stars around the world. At Exolt we combine this proven technology with the traditional training methods that everyone loves and uses today.

Our founders have explored EMS systems around the world and the ways in which they are being used to provide proven results to clients. Using medical grade EMS systems and body scanning technology Exolt combines the the science of EMS with that of exercise physiology to enhance client outcomes. 

The efficient nature of the training at Exolt means that clients need only train once or twice a week for 20 minutes and undergo sessions with low to no impact on their joints and bones. Ideal for clients who are looking for a way to keep active and improve their wellness but cannot take on traditional gym style or weights style exercise regimes. 

In addition to training sessions, clients receive nutritional advice, healthy lifestyle guidance and access to exclusive educational events that empower them with the know-how to enhance their well-being and happiness.


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