Due to COVID-19 circumstances our group sessions are not currently running. We look forward to restarting these classes when it is safe for our clients and trainers to do so. For the time being we will be operating 1 on 1 sessions ONLY with the exception of those who live or work together and are happy to participate in joint sessions.  Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. 

Our Treatments

Maximising results in less time

With a mix of Personalised and small group sessions Exolt has a treatment packages to suit everybody at any level. We take traditional exercise tools you know and love and combine these with the science of EMS to improve your health and physical wellbeing.


EMS Focus

In these personalised 1:1 or 1:2 sessions you will work closely with a trainer who will design a program tailored to your specific needs and goals. All clients will participant in a Focus session where we assess your needs, set you up on our EMS system and explore basic EMS movements. 



Using movements from a wide variety of martial arts disciplines in combination with EMS, this charged-up BODYCOMBAT-style session will get your heart rate and metabolic rate up in just 20 minutes. A great session for those who are overweight and needing to improve cardiovascular fitness and an amazing tool used to treat symptoms of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. 



Pilates-based EMS is all about control and targeted muscle movement. Pilates and EMS combine perfectly, enabling you to focus on each muscle at a deeper level with the stimulation encouraging the muscle to switch on with each move. Great for clients recovering from injury, suffering from back pain, or experiencing joint pain and stiffness. 



This style of session uses predominantly bodyweight movements in combination with EMS. Working at high intensities during the electrical stimulation phase, you’ll feel energised after each session. A great tool in the management of symptoms of chronic fatigue and in preparation for surgery or in the later stages of injury recovery.


Non-EMS Classes

At Exolt we know the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. As such we run an assortment of Non-EMS classes for you to enjoy when you have already done your 1-2 EMS sessions for the week and want a little bit more. Classes include Stretch, Circuit training, cardio blast etc. 

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